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Buddha Body Care is an Australian owned and Australian made company that is fueled by passion. Founded in 2012, Buddha uses uncompromisingly ethical ingredients, practices and sustainability to deliver simple yet luxurious vegan and palm oil free products beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. Their mission is to offer the very best quality skincare products that they can – an alchemical fusion of organic natural oils, essential oils, botanicals, clays and precious gifts from Mother Earth.

In an increasingly busy world, they offer products that will carry you away momentarily, offering a glimmer of simple indulgence. Suitable for everyday use for all skin types, each product is made with you in mind. They encourage you to delight in the joy of uncomplicated daily rituals and to nourish your skin in the best way possible.

Every day we have the power to create the world we wish to see – our actions have a domino effect. Buddha Body Care’s products support a world where women feel honored and cared for, where the Earth is respected and appreciated, and where all inhabitants are safe and free from harm. They make it easy for you to support this world also, offering luxury products that are affordable and sustainable.

Gently cleanse away dirt and grime with our French Clay Cleansing Bar, sooth and deeply nourish your skin with our Fabulous All Over Body Oil. Enjoy a moment of refreshing clarity with our Divine Cleansing Oil designed to clear the mind and clear the skin. Our products offer more than a daily regime, they are an experience in and of themselves.

Radiate and glow naturally. Support a positive movement. Join us in the world of Buddha Body Care.

~ Organic & Natural
~ Palm Oil Free
~ Vegan Friendly
~ Non Toxic
~ Essential Oils
~ Australian Made
~ Handmade

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Providing you with vegan products you know you can trust,

NNT staff

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