Pressed Purity Apricot Kernel oil


Cold pressed from the delicate apricot kernel, this translucent oil deeply nourishes and enriches the skin. The fine consistency of Apricot Kernel Oil allows it to absorb easily into the skin leaving a velvety finish.


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Pressed Purity Cold Pressed Apricot kernel oil is so versatile you can use it for cooking as well as in your skincare routine.

The oil is cold pressed from the kernels of Australian grown apricots and is high in essential fatty acids and vitamins A & E. Apricot kernels themselves are quite healthy and are being researched for a number of health conditions including cancer.

The oil is certified food grade, but is most commonly used in massage oils and skin care remedies.

Cooking :
The oil has a mild, nutty flavour, is high in mono-unsaturated fat and contains no trans-fatty acids. Due to it’s flavour profile, apricot kernel oil is a delicious substitute for other oils when you are baking cakes and cookies or as an ingredient in other desserts and recipes.

Skin care :
Due to its high vitamin A and E content and moisturising properties, Apricot kernel oil is well suited for skincare. It has a fine consistency that allows it to absorb easily into the skin leaving your skin soft and smooth. Apricot kernel oil makes a great massage oil as it is very light and quite similar to almond oil.

Suitable for everyday use and for those with sensitive skin.
*Pressed Purity oils cold pressed without heat, chemicals or solvents. Australian grown and made, cooking oils for every master chef kitchen.
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