Arts Therapy & Creative Couples Therapy

arts therapy

Arts Therapy is a creative method of expression. It used as a therapeutic technique to foster an understanding of emotional conflicts, improve self-esteem and restore a more authentic self.

Arts Therapy provides a natural gateway to understanding the underlying triggers and inherent meaning in your personal experiences. This guided enquiry helps you understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of experiences which unsettle you and interfere with your flow of life. It is a process which aims to engage and develop your inner resources so you navigate the difficulties of life in an informed and empowered way.  

Arts Therapy combines our conscious mind with the unconscious mind.  Our conscious mind engages in logical thought and rational thinking. Our unconscious mind processes information in a more experiential manner and responds to feelings, images and suggestions.

The sessions are designed to help you to tap into your creative mind and express your deep emotions through art. This could be though imagining and expressing an image, drawing with only one colour or making a movement. It is not a diagnosis or interpretation of your representations, instead a way to explore and address your own meaning.

Arts Therapy Counselling can help individuals with issues including:

  • Gender identity and Transitions
  • Depression and Generalized Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Eating issues
  • Experieces of a non ordinary Nature
  • Abandonment and Emotional and physical abuse
  • Creative Blocks, just to name a few.
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Creative Couples Therapy

Creative Couples Therapy is an artistic way to express ourselves and inquire into making meaning for ourselves and our relationships.

If your relationship has hit a rough patch or perhaps needs a tune up, Creative Couples Therapy can help.

In the same way Arts Therapy uses creative means  to get in touch with your own feelings, Creative Couples Therapy can help you get in touch with each other’s feelings. This can assist in being able to identify the vulnerable cycle you might be caught in. This will help you to relate and understand your partner more deeply in a creative and non-judgmental atmosphere.  It helps you to sympathise with each other in areas that you may not have understood or heard before.

When you understand the layers of your partner, you will be able to heal the wounds that you have been dealing with and grow stronger as a couple.

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Rachel Hiskins

Rachel is a registered Arts Therapist and Counsellor. She was born in Melbourne and has lived overseas for a number of years including Cambodia, Germany and USA. She has extensive experience encompassing a range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, eating disorders, relationships, and grief loss and counselling.

Rachel has facilitated individual sessions as well as open studios, drop-in therapy, and group mandala workshops with a variety of clients with multi-complex trauma including children, adolescents and adults from different nationalities and socio economic backgrounds. She offers individual Arts Therapy and Counselling and Creative Couples Therapy.

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