Naturopathy is a complete approach to health and wellbeing. It supports the body’s inherent ability to heal and repair using diet, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and lifestyle factors.

A therapeutic partnership between the Naturopath and patient may prevent disease or the progression of disease by supporting and enhancing the body’s natural ability to repair.

Naturopathy is suitable for people of any age and with any medical condition. Consultations with Candace are individualised to determine the underlying cause of ill health through a comprehensive analysis of the patient. Diet, lifestyle, previous and current medical history are all analysed during a naturopathic consultation. This helps to determine the current health status of the patient. Long and short-term management plans are then created between the naturopath and patient to help achieve optimal health.


Candace Borg


Candace is a highly qualified practitioner with degrees in both Biomedical Science and Health Science (Naturopathy) giving her the capacity to assess your health from both a medical and naturopathic perspective. She is also a qualified Natural Fertility Educator and Hypnobirthing practitioner.

Candace uses a range of herbal and nutritional medicine and lifestyle counselling, to address both simple and more complex health issues. She has a broad knowledge of nutrition. As a vegan, she is able to advise vegans and vegetarians on the specific requirements of those lifestyles but is equally able to advise everyone regardless of their dietary direction, on their individual nutritional requirements.

Candace is an active member of the Melbourne naturopathic community. She is a registered member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) and the Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN).

Candace’s passion is to support and guide individuals to have the best possible health outcomes through natural approaches and the body’s ability to heal itself when adequately supported.

For more information or to make an appointment head to, email or call Candace on 0404 851 143.

Follow Candace on Instagram at @candaceborgvegannaturopath


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