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Vegan food

Essentials of Vegan Nutrition

By Candace Borg

Whether you are vegetarian, a new or experienced vegan, interested in going vegan, or just wanting to brush up on your nutritional knowledge… you will find this workshop highly useful and maybe even a little inspiring!

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Nnt Womens Circle

Monthly Women’s Circle

By Candace Borg

Join us for a circle that empowers us to explore, embrace and nurture the womxn we are. Hosted by Naturopath Candace and Arts Therapist Rachel!

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HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method

By Candace Borg

HypnoBirthing® – Mongan Method has been a leader in childbirth education since 1990 and is now taught in 34 countries around the world.

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mandala classes

Mandala Classes – to help regulate your emotions

By Rachel Hiskins

Would you like to incorporate a self reflective practice which engages your artistic nature and helps to self sooth our busy and hectic lives.

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