Many of us appreciate the importance of a mental health and self care. However adopting the tools that allow us to turn issues into healthy habits can be a real challenge. When starting  meditation, it can be easy to feel as though we a don’t have the concentration. We may feel a little overwhelmed with our thoughts, so we give up or feel turned away from it.

Meditation classes held at Northcote Natural Therapies with Tim from Meaningful Mind look to present meditation in a very useful and practical way.

Tim aims to take the stress out of meditation and to make meditation a tool of acceptance. In a safe space we can train ourselves to pause, slow down and focus on how we respond to situations.

Fortnightly classes introduce concepts of Buddhism and mindfulness in an approachable way to immediately put into practice. All concepts are presented in a gentle and realistic manner. We explore showing ourselves more kindness, learning how to work with difficult emotions and examining our attachments,

Each class is broken up into discussion of a topic and then a guided practice. The discussion looks at how we can approach moments of stress, anxiety or depression with tools that allow kindness and confidence. The guided practice portion of the class then gently introduces attendees to a meditation practice.

With each week introducing new perspectives, continuing practice and reinforcing healthy habits, Meaningful Mind meditation sessions at Northcote Natural Therapies is a great way to start building confidence, acceptance and agility when approaching challenges that we face in everyday life.”

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