We are currently looking for a yoga instructor to join our team.
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Private classes available. All group classes have 6 or less participants in them, ensuring your yoga practice is supported with the attention you need.


Pre-Natal Yoga

Pre-natal classes are a gentle journey of movement & breath to find blissful space, & to deepen connection between you & your baba. It doesn't matter if you've not done yoga before, or if you're a seasoned yogi, these classes will meet you where you are. You can expect to leave class with a calm, stress free mind, a stable, strong & flexible body & having deeply connected with your sweet unborn baby.

We'll use a blend of empowering breath work, gentle strengthening & energising asana, pelvic floor activation & short meditations to connect with your baby & what is going on in your body. You will learn to trust your body, find comfort & space, and feel confident & empowered to bring your sweet baby into the world.
Prenatal group classes are currently on weekly at 12-1pm Wednesdays @ Northcote Natural Therapies 275 High St. Northcote.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga classes are a super slow, luscious practice that connect you with deeply nourishing rest. As your body slows down & feels safe & supported, it gently opens up to deeper flexibility by bringing hydrating circulation to the joints, whilst also creating a stronger mind-body connection. It is a class of gentle, long holds in supported postures using lots of soft props to melt into.

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