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Rolfing® and/or Structural Integration was devised by Dr Ida P Rolf, as a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education, an approach to healing that facilitates the way the body’s structure affects its function.

Rolfing® aims to realign the body through the use of unique hands on myofacial release techniques, soft tissue manipulation, postural analysis and movement to help restore natural balance in relation to muscles, tendons, bones and fascia.

Reducing pain, freeing of restrictions and tension release are some of the key benefits of receiving the work, whilst improved posture, movement and performance enhance a more natural flow of energy throughout the body.

Rolfing® treatments are intuitive and education centred to support, nourish and feed your awareness and understanding of your body structure.

Clients report that sessions assist with the easing of chronic pain, release accumulated physical tension and stress and leaves them feeling deeply refreshed.

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