Georgina Hannan

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Georgie is our Remedial & Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Doula and part time Pilates Instructor. Georgie thrives on seeing results and treating you in a holistic manner, discussing external contributing factors and further empowering you to self-treat when the chaos of life takes over and you’re unable to reach out for a treatment.

Georgie’s Remedial treatments offer a firm approach with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. Implementing various techniques including Trigger point therapy, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Dry Needling.

Georgie’s Pregnancy Massage consultations will explore common areas of tension which arise during pregnancy, whilst delving into your own unique presentation. Blending her remedial knowledge with a relaxing focus will support the release whilst nurturing your pregnancy journey. It is a deep desire of Georgie’s to treat and support women during pregnancy, incorporating her knowledge of Nutrition and Pilates to treat in a holistic manner. 

It was due to the birth of her two little boys that Georgie broadened her practice to become a birth assistant/Doula. During birth we are at our most vulnerable and it is this scared space that Georgie has a strong desire to protect and respect. During your one on one catch ups you’ll discuss your current mindset around birthing, birth plans and create a space that allows you to be calm. If you’d like to have a brief chat with Georgie to see if you’re aligned, be sure to book in for a free 10 minute discovery call.
Georgie loves spending time with her two little boys, gardening and forever renovating their home. If she could….she would have been a wildlife warrior of some form, maybe it’s still on the cards!

Warm and compassionate, Georgie’s undivided attention is born from a deep care for her patients.

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