Liam Whittle-Campbell

Rolfer® (Structural Integration) Dr Ida P Rolf Institute of Rolfing & Structural Integration Boulder, Colorado, USA | Visceral Manipulation VM1 Barral Institue , Australia | Tacfit Certified Instructor Burbank CA USA

Rolfer and Movement Coach

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Sequoia Rolfing, founded by Certified/Registered Rolfer® & Movement Practitioner, Liam Whittle-Campbell, adopts holistic care as a framework to truly achieve optimal wellness in the physical, mental, and spiritual sense.

Liam offers hands on healing modalities, Rolfing® and Visceral Manipulation, using touch to help bring awareness, relaxation, and function whilst encouraging vitality, learning and wellbeing for his clients. Liam’s journey has helped create a deep passion for the living human body and his explorations within and whilst working with clients has galvanised his belief that the body holds and releases tension and trauma.

Liam’s services provide healthcare tailored for each client through creating a container or space in a session that allows each to feel safe and comfortable , this is where change truly takes place and is paramount in Liam’s thinking and experience. He invites the system to release and when this occurs his work turns to integrating this into usable movement and function.

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