Nicholas Anderson

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Originally trained in Optometry, Nicholas specialized in Pediatrics, Acquired Brain
Injury and Concussion. Practicing for over 40 years, Nicholas recently retired from
Optometric Practice to spend more time on his rural retreat in Fish Creek. Nicholas
started seeking alternative healing for his own health, 15 years ago in 2009. Training
at the AcuEnergetics School in Sydney, he became a practitioner in 2016. Since
then, Nicholas has helped many people with Healing and Meditation.
The world is a better place and life’s choices are easier to make, after meditation. For
we live with less pain and share better communion with the divine.

Energy Healing

Open and in love with the world, we are free of care and ready to be the best version
of ourselves. The world and everybody in it are beautiful. However, while
opportunities abound, the experiences of life often cause physical, emotional, mental,
and energetic pain. The result energetically is contraction. We fixate on our Pain
Body and stop opening of our Light Body. Healing sessions in all forms, help us to
spend less time wallowing in our pain and ready ourselves for life, love and


In teaching and leading Meditation, I am a strong advocate for learning the basics.
When the basics are done right, we feel more alive, experience less pain, and find
greater peace. Meditation can be a medicine and is just as strong to healing, as
having sessions. I started with 10 minutes a day of a guided Heart Meditation. In time
10 minutes was no enough, I wanted more. It doesn’t take much to start down a path
of greater awareness, communion and love.

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