The Usui System of Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’, is an Eastern belief that universal life force energy flows through all things. Universal energy is the vibrational frequency of unconditional love, that is the energy that sustains all life on earth. It is the energy that keeps our heart beating, the energy that helps our plants grow and gardens bloom, it gives life to all beings on earth! It is the essence of who we really are. It is a gentle yet transformational healing system that works for a wide range of both physical and mental/emotional issues by redressing energy imbalances and supporting one’s well-being.  Reiki treatments are tailored to individual needs.

The ultimate goal of Reiki is to reach a place of unconditional self love.

During a session, Reiki energy is channeled by the practitioner who connects to it using palms and touches certain areas above the client’s body.

Reiki has the power to transform energy by connecting to your highest vibration of light within.

Penny Marangos

M: 0410464909
Available Saturday 10am – 3pm
Available weeknights from 4pm by appointment only

Initial Consultation - Reiki Session
Face to Face 1hour: $100

Repeat Client - Reiki Session
Face to Face 1hour: $120

Online (Via Zoom) - Reiki Session
1hour: $80

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