Nnt Womens Circle

Monthly Women’s Circle

Join us for a women’s circle that empowers us to explore, embrace and nurture the women we are. Hosted by Naturopath Candace and Arts Therapist Rachel!

Day: Last Saturday of every month ( See below for dates)

Time: 10am – 11.30am

Pricing : $20 or 3 tickets (for friends of future circles) $50

Location: Northcote Natural Therapies – 275 High St, Northcote

About this Event…

The little voice within us can be our most wonderful promoter or our greatest saboteur. But why does it speak so loudly? How can we support and empower it? Are there strategies we can employ or foods we can eat that will nurture this inner voice, and support our mental health and wellbeing?

Our women’s circles are for women who love to connect with their feminine energy. They are for those who want to connect with  like-minded women in a safe and nurturing environment. This is a space where you will be heard, supported and empowered.

Rachel (Arts Therapist, Creative Couples Counsellor) and Candace (Naturopath, Natural Fertility Educator, BioMedical Scientist) will gently guide you through your own self-discovery with patience, understanding and lots of love and laughter.

These are no ordinary women’s circles. These circles not only give you the space to express yourself in which ever way you choose (through movement, words, sounds, art, affirmation cards, etc), but theyalso provide you with strategies to help make your days a little more productive (and fun)!

No two circles are the same. However, each session begins and ends with a reflective, guided meditation.. Using what comes up in our first reflective mediation, Rachel and Candace guide a gentle conversation of self-discovery, understanding and acceptance.

So join us on what are going to be mornings of connection, understanding and self-expression. All are welcome.

The circles will run at Northcote Natural Therapies unless the government mandates that there cannot be groups indoors, in which case the event will move online via Zoom. Of course, if you’d prefer to attend online, this option will always be available.

We will follow all government regulations (including but not limited to) wearing face masks, sanitising on entry and maintaining social distancing.

Women’s Circle dates 2023:
  • Sat 25th February
  • Sat 25th March
  • Sat 29th April
  • Sat 27th May
  • Sat 24th June
  • Sat 29th July
  • Sat 30th September
  • Sat 28th October
  • Sat 25th November
  • Sat 16th December

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Note: This circle will only run if there is a minimum of 6 participants (including the facilitators Rachel and Candace).

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