Monique Evans


Monique Evans Vegan Naturopath

Monique is a registered Naturopath and is working alongside our senior Naturopath, Candace Borg.

Monique is an empathetic, passionate and knowledgeable practitioner who loves supporting people along their health journey. She focuses on enabling and recognising your health knowledge to assist in supporting you to make long-lasting changes. 

Monique has completed a 4-year bachelor of health science in naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies and works with clients of all ages to offer patient centred healthcare that focuses on optimising health and wellness whilst creating meaningful connections.

Monique will provide individualised, evidence-based healthcare specifically tailored to you, utilising herbal and nutritional medicine, and lifestyle advice. She has been exposed to various physical and mental-health conditions amongst those around her and has seen first-hand that improving one's health can be difficult. She will support you in making small, achievable changes through simple and effective treatment plans. Monique will prioritise ensuring you understand the cause of your health concerns so you are equipped and empowered to better understand your body. 

Monique loves animals, especially her two cats, Nelson and Misty and enjoys spending time in nature, chasing waterfalls and reading. She has been vegan for over 7 years and is passionate about supporting the environment, and all organisms within it.

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