Juju Period Underwear – Bikini


JuJu Period Underwear is a minimal fuss, all-in-one period care solution, with built-in gusset absorbency so you don’t need to worry about using disposable pads or liners. Each style is tag-free and made for ultimate comfort with body-hugging, breathable fabrics.

Available in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16  and in light flow




JuJu Period Underwear offers absorbent, leak-proof protection for a comfortable, environmentally friendly and worry-free period!

JuJu Period Underwear can be worn alone to replace pads and tampons for a light to moderate flow, or can be worn as a backup in conjunction with a menstrual cup or tampon.

The absorbent and waterproof layers in JuJu Period Underwear offer protection for periods, light bladder leaks and sweaty gym sessions.

All styles are available in two different levels of absorbency and can be worn alone to absorb light to regular period flow, or as a backup to protect from leaks while wearing tampons or your JuJu Menstrual Cup. They are also ideal for wearing on the days leading up to when your period is due, so your clothes are protected, and you’re never caught off-guard. JuJu absorbent underwear can also be worn to protect from light bladder leakage or light urinary incontinence.

One pair of medium absorbency JuJu underwear holds up to 5ml of fluid (equal to a mini tampon) or one pair of heavy absorbency JuJu underwear can hold up to 10ml of fluid (equal to a regular tampon). They can be worn for up to 8 hours but may need to be changed more often depending on your flow.

Designed with comfort in mind, JuJu Period Underwear is tag-free, comfortable, breathable and easy to care for.

Period Underwear Styles

Three flattering styles to choose from, all with absorbent and leak-proof layers that run all the way up the back:

JuJu Bikini: Cut a little lower and narrower across the backside than a classic midi brief, this style is perfect for those who like a little less coverage or to wear under low rise pants.

JuJu Midi Brief: The classic hip-hugging Midi Brief offers ample coverage across the backside, while still sitting lower across the hips.


Gusset Absorbency

JuJu Period Underwear is available in two levels of protection;

Light: Can we worn alone for a light flow, or worn as a backup for your menstrual cup or tampon. One pair holds up to 5ml of fluid (equal to one mini tampon) and contains 2 layers of absorbent cotton, a breathable waterproof backing layer and a silky-smooth nylon/spandex outer.

Moderate: Can be worn alone for a regular flow, or worn as a backup for your menstrual cup or tampon on heavy days. One pair holds up to 10ml of fluid (equal to one regular tampon) and contains 1 absorbent cotton layer, 1 ultra-absorbent cotton terry towel layer and a breathable waterproof backing layer and a silky-smooth nylon/spandex outer.

Note: JuJu Period Underwear is not recommended to be worn alone as your only method of period protection if you have a heavy flow, unless you plan on changing frequently. Instead, consider wearing them together with a menstrual cup.

Bikini Size Guide (cm)

Australian Size6810121416
Side (incl. waistband)
Front Rise (incl. waistband)202122232425
½ Leg Opening2021.52324.52627.5

XXS (6), XS (8), S (10), M (12), L (14), XL (16)


Light flow

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