Perky by Nature Coffee cup – Purple Perky


Perky by Nature reusable cups made of bamboo fibre, are the perfect biodegradable alternative to glass, plastic and ceramic reusable cups.



Enjoy your plastic free morning fix with Perky By Nature biodegradable cup!

These cups are made from 65% bamboo fibre, 30% Corn Fibre and 5% natural resin and made to last for years. The sleeve and lid seals have are made from silicone therefore ca be recycled at the endow it’s life. So just remove and bury your cup!

*Cups will biodegrade in around 2-3 years, as opposed to plastic which can take between 450-1000 years to decompose.


  • Secure screw-on bamboo fibre lid
  • Spout lid (like a takeaway cup) with secure spill-proof hole plug
  • Silicone sleeve to protect hands against hot liquids
  • Easy to clean, all silicone parts and seals are removable for an easy wash

Perky cups were born out of the need for a reusable cup that still had that ‘take-away cup feel’, but without the plastic after taste. This, along with their mission to eliminate single use cups and to give customers the option at cafes to buy a reusable option, means every one is getting ‘Perky’


8oz, 12oz

Select Lid colour

Blue, Natural, Yellow

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