Purely Vegan Face mist


Purely Vegan Face Mist contains Rose Hydrosol and Witch Hazel to balance, tone, and hydrate the skin.





Rose hydrosol is obtained from the steam distillation of rose petals this process maintains the beautiful benefits of rose including its minerals, aromatic compounds, organic acids, essential oil compounds, water soluble plant pigments and flavonoids. This differs to rose water which is made by either adding rose essential oil to water or infusing rose petals with water.

Rich in vitamin C, flavanoids, antibacterial, and antioxidants, this mist helps boost collagen, reduce redness, tighen the skin, and prevent premature ageing. This mist can be used to refresh the face or the whole body.

Purely Vegan Face Mist comes in a 50ml Miron glass bottle. Miron glass is a superior packaging product which provides optimal protection for natural ingredients against the harmful effects of light.


Purely Vegan uses the highest quality, natural ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for its specific therapeutic benefits and scent. The ‘chemical sounding’ items in our ingredients list are derived from coconut, rapeseed, cellulose, corn, guar, or soy. Purely Vegan does not use GMO derived ingredients.


Low Allergenic Profile
All Purely Vegan products have a very low allergenic profile. They are safe for most skin conditions, allergies, and food intolerances. We have also chosen ingredients that are safe in pregnancy. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest performing a test patch before using any product.

Truly Cruelty Free

Purely Vegan products are tested only on people. They contain no palm oil or palm oil derivatives. They’re manufactured in a cosmetic chemist laboratory with a strict ‘no animal testing’ policy. When using Purely Vegan products, you can be assured you’re using a truly cruelty-free skincare range.


Purely Vegan skin care bottles are made from Miron Glass, a superior quality violet glass which provides optimal protection for natural ingredients, ensuring our products stay fresher for longer.

Where possible, all advertising material and packaging is made with up-cycled, recycled, or recyclable materials.

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 14 cm
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