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4 ways to recycle your leftover soap scraps

Ever wondered what to do with those little bits of squishy soap? Well, we have the solution!

Thanks to some inspiration from our friends at Ethique, we have four different ways you can revitalise those little end pieces of soap bars, shampoo bars or even deodorant or laundry bars.

soap bag1. Soap bags 

This is the easiest way to get more life out of your soap. Soap bags are made from various fibres, such as cotton or sisal and are very easy to find. They are sometimes called ‘soap keeper’, ‘scrubbie bags’, ‘wash bag’ or ‘soap saver’. Alternatively, if you find yourself to be a bit of a crafty kind, you could even make your own!

Some bags can provide a bit of exfoliation, so if you wold like something a little softer then a baby or child’s old sock is is perfect!

It is important that they get the chance to thoroughly dry before in between uses so they last longer!

This is a great option for: shampoo bars, face cleansers and soap bars.

2. Squish and combine

This is a good one if you have been building quiet the collection of pieces from the same for very similar bars.  It’s not a fancy process. Simply pile soft pieces up in the palm of your hand, clench your fist and mould it into a ball.

We also have a slightly similar option here. If you have a sliver of a bar, simply grab that piece, grab a new one, wet both the bars and stick the two very firmly together. As you use the new bar, smooth over the smaller piece to eventually merge it into the new bar.

This is a great option for: shampoo, conditioner, some face cleanser bars, soap bars and deodorants.

3. Melt and remould

Hold on! Before you run off and start melting down your bars, it’s important to ensure that you let the bars dry out as much as possible first. A couple of days is ideal.

The easiest way is to do this with a microwave.

  1. Pop the small pieces into a cup or jug.
  2. Microwave it on a low setting in 10-second intervals till just melted, ensuring not to overheat and continuing to stir quickly.
  3. Being extra careful with the hot liquid, pour into a mould of your choice – chocolate/baking moulds are great. Depending on how big the moulds are, you will need to give it a couple of hours to set, ideally overnight.

This is a great option for: shampoos & conditioners, soap bars.

4. Turn it into a liquid product
liquid soap
Image courtesy of Ethique

This is a good one!

  1. Take a half thumbnail-sized piece of soap bar and pop into a jug (or cup) of just boiled hot water. About 50ml is a good amount.
  2. Let the bar sit for about 10 seconds before stirring with a fork. If the liquid is too thick, add some drops of water till you get your desired thickness. If you want a leave-in conditioner, just use less water.
  3. Store in the fridge.

It is recommend to use the liquid within a week and to only use a very small piece as discolouration or mould may occur. 

This is a great option for: shampoo, conditioner and face cleansers.

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