Mental and emotional equilibrium during the holidays

We all have different mental and emotional experiences at this time of year.

It can be fun, exciting and bring so much joy. But the ‘joyful’ season can also bring increased levels of stress, anxiety and worry.

The constant leaking of energy and pleasing others. The pressure around overbooked and overwhelming calendars. The feeling of disappointment of having not reached certain ‘goals’ for the year. Or maybe there’s some financial burden, relationship upheaval or dysfunctional family dynamics. There could also be internal conflicts around your own concept and values of the holiday season and certain traditions.

Or, maybe it’s none of them! And that’s ok too!

Whatever thoughts and emotional sensations you’re experiencing as we close off this year, they are completely ‘normal’ and valid for you in this moment! Even if it feels totally confusing.


There is often the expectation to be high energy, happy, romantic and bring the family together at this time of year. This may be the ‘expectation’, but what if it’s not your internal reality?

Mental and emotional equilibrium does not mean being happy and joyous 24/7.

It’s about being able to feel your sensations, comfortable or uncomfortable, and giving yourself space to allow them. Having an understanding and acceptance for whatever it is you’re experiencing.

In other words, if you’re feeling happy, allow yourself to be happy!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, allow yourself to feel that.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad, there’s only the noticing and honouring of your own current reality!

Sometimes we create rigid expectations around being or feeling a certain way. And when we fall short of those expectations we may feel guilt and shame. But when we judge or punish ourselves for not “keeping it all together” we are placing more guilt and shame on top of an already stressed internal state. We create inner friction and unrest. In other words, stress. This leads to dysregulation in your nervous system which impacts your mental and emotional health.

It all about finding the sweet spot, or the ‘secret sauce’ that is unique for you! Being able to honour and feel the sensations, and then combine them with healthy holistic habits to support our nervous system!


If you are already experiencing a sense of upheaval around you or within you, it can be helpful to harness some of these positive habits below to balance our inner and outer worlds


Accept where you are. Accept where others are.  Even if it’s not what you want.

When we start to accept where we are, we begin to ease resistance. The fighting and pushing diminishes and we are left with what is.  It’s not easy. But it is far more peaceful. Having that devotion to nourish your body whatever that looks like for you helps to ease any tension, guilt or shame you might have around foods, people, events etc.


It might sound like the opposite to what we are usually doing, but it is a high priority. Even more so over the festive season! When we give ourselves space away from distractions, we allow our nervous system to regulate. Being consistent with dropping into a more grounded and relaxed state helps us to reset and allows our body to replenish, rejuvenate and heal.


Hydration is of extra importance when we are indulging in things like alcohol and/or rich foods. They promote dehydration meaning extra pressure and stress on our body. As if we need more of that! Try making an extra effort to take in extra water or herbal teas at this time.


We all love sleep! That’s because we innately know that it feels good and it’s so good for our nervous system. We know that when we get the right amount of sleep for our individual needs, that we have more energy, clarity and confidence.  So be sure to keep a healthy and regular sleep routine as much as possible to replenish and restore your body for any festivities.


This is a very important one, though it can be one of the trickiest to maintain. This is a good time to get clear on what you can or want to do and exactly what you have space for. That might mean saying no to some things. It might mean considering who and what makes you feel good, and assessing what actually nourishes you. Our NO can make space for a very powerful and better YES.


Connect with people, places and things that light you up and energise you rather that drain you. Connect with yourself and remind yourself that you are safe and you are loved.  Connect with nature to calm and come back into our body. Connect with your breath and regulate the rhythm of your system. Connect with your heart and allow vulnerability and authenticity shine.  


Towards others, and importantly, yourself. Judgement is a stress and dysregulates your nervous system. We could probably all agree that we can be pretty hard on ourselves from time to time.  However,  how we treat ourselves, can often be reflected outside of us. Being understanding, compassionate and supportive to yourself, fosters an environment of empathy for others. You never know what someone is going through.


YES!! Give yourself permission to have fun and ENJOY life! Embrace the feeling of gratitude and open yourself up to the vastness of life. By connecting with this feeling of lightness it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and ease some tension. It can help to us to connect with our hearts and bring us back into THIS moment here…..NOW.


If you have concerns about your mental or emotional health, stress or anxiety levels  please seek the assistance of a qualified health professional who is a part of your personal care team.  

Alternatively, we are here to support our community in any way that we can. Our team of qualified practitioners are ready to provide you with any help and support you may need.

You can find a list of our current practitioners and their services in the ‘Our Team’ tab above in the menu or simply click here. 


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