Ayurvedic Bliss Balls


As the festival season approaches at lightening speed, it is a smart idea to have some quick and simple recipes on hand for those days of entertaining and socialising. Thanks to our friends at Metagenics we have recipe for some easy-to-make bliss balls that are nutritious and perfect for those holiday catch ups.

These balls have Turmeric as the secret ingredient, which is a well known Ayurvedic herb and the main spice in Indian curry dishes giving it a vibrant yellow colour.  It has been used for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb and is argued by many to be the most powerful herb on the planet. The health benefits are incredibly vast and it’s potential to fight and possibly reverse disease is very thoroughly researched.

Turmeric is renowned for it’s powerful healing properties, which are largely attributed to the compound Curcumin. Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric and has a large list of health benefits for the body and brain.

It has high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities all of which can assist with:

  • Managing blood clots
  • Aiding depression
  • Combating nerve, joint and muscle pain and inflammation
  • Boosting skin health
  • Regulating cholesterol and more.

So whip up a batch of these super simple Ayurvedic Bliss Balls to have on hand when guests drop in or when that sweet tooth hits.

Turmeric  Bliss Balls

Ayurvedic Bliss Balls


  • ½ cup almond butter
  • 2 teaspoons Turmeric powder
  • pinch of black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • ¼ cup Cacao nibs
  • ¼ cup Raw gluten free oats
  • 1-2 teaspoons of maple syrup, depending on preference


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Take one tablespoon of the mixture and form into a tight ball. Place on a plate or baking sheet.
  3. When all balls are made, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.


Resource: www.metagenics.com.au

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