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It is estimated that there are well over one million coffee pod machines in homes across Australia. And it is calculated that over 131 billion pods could still be making their way into landfill each year.

Think about it….

Do you drink 2 pod coffees a day?

Or maybe you are making coffee for you and friend, or a partner. That’s 730 capsules a year!


Crema Joe

At NNT we are committed to making it easy for our customers to be able to make choices that support the beautiful earth that we live on. We do this by sourcing products that best represent our philosophy of being vegan, ethical, healthful (free from chemicals and toxins), as local as possible and with as minimal impact on the planet as possible.

Our choices affect the world around us. Simple. And when our customers began asking us for better options when it came to satisfying their in home coffee making ritual, we hoped right onto it.

And Crema Joe is who we found!

Crema Joe is an Australian owned business passionate about helping you get more from your daily cuppa and the proud Australian distributor of the eco-friendly SealPod reusable coffee pods

After being confronted with so much waste from their own Nespresso® machine after a family gathering, ethically minded coffee lovers Kayla and Piers Mossuto were eager to find a to sustainably continue to enjoy their coffee.

After spending months researching and product testing, the pair discovered an innovative stainless steel pod design that was compatible with their Nespresso® machine and infinitely reusable.

Wanting to spread the word and help others reduce the environmental impact of their coffee pod machines, Kayla and Piers launched Crema Joe – a coffee-centric online store with a conscience

Their mission is to put an end to single-use coffee pods by providing the most eco-friendly choices for coffee lovers everywhere.

The SealPod reusable coffee pods are designed to last a lifetime, so you can reduce your environmental impact with every brew. They are made of 100% stainless steel that are sealed with either biodegradable (best for brewing tea) or recyclable aluminium sticker lids (best for brewing coffee)



It’s time to embrace conscious consumption, because satisfying your coffee cravings and promoting minimal waste is possible with Sealpod coffee pods! Join the sustainable coffee pod movement and the fight against waste.

By switching to reusable coffee pods, that’s 730 less single-use pods floating around in places like our oceans 500 years from now. And that’s just 1 person, over 1 year. Can you imagine the positive impact we can make collectively?

**Tips for recycling**

Yes, SealPod Espresso Lids are recyclable! If your local recycling facility are unable to sort items of this size, simply collect them in an aluminium can, squeeze it shut when full, and place in your home recycling bin.

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