Top 3 Herbs to Supercharge your health this Winter


There are many natural medicines, herbs and supplements that are beneficial in aiding in the prevention, treatment and duration of colds and flus and assisting our immune system. These agents can give you a boost as well as provide the necessary tools to help you fight against infection.

With a myriad of health information out there for us to sift through, as well as the acute attention given to the importance of our immune system lately, we wanted to go straight to our Naturopath here at Northcote Natural Therapies, Candace Borg.

Candace frequently draws on the healing properties of herbs and recommends herbal medicine as part of her consultations and treatment protocols.

We asked her…..

“What are your top 3 herbs are that may help our winter wellness and vitality?”


“Wow, this is so hard, particularly because different immune herbs have an affinity for different areas of the body. Some are more antiviral (DNA specific or RNA specific viruses), some are more antibacterial, or antifungal, some work on the upper respiratory system (think sinuses, hayfever), while others work lower (think asthma, bronchitis). Some help make a cough more productive by loosing mucous and others soothe the irritation of a dry cough. This is why every immune supporting tincture I make for my clients is unique for that person

But if I had to choose ONLY 3, these would be my top 3!”


Withania ~

Commonly known as Ashwagandha, although it has very mild immune boosting effects, Withania is what I like to think of as a ‘warm hug’. It helps with the convalescence we feel when we are unwell.


Echinacea ~

I mean, what a herb! Definitely one of my favourites. This herb has such a wide range of uses, it is a herb that I have loved since I was a student studying herbal medicine.


Reishi Mushroom ~

With a wide range of immune supporting properties, this is one herb that frequents the herbal tinctures I make for my clients.


As always, we recommend you speak to your health care provider before using any herbal or nutritional supplementation to ensure you are choosing products that not only are therapeutically active, safe and in their correct form, but are also suitable for you and your current health status.

To support your health this winter and harness the power of these beautiful herbs, simply click here to book a session with Candace.

As always our team of qualified practitioners are here to provide you with any help and support you may need. Click on the Our Team or the Contact located at the top of this page to get assistance. Stay safe, stay well.

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