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What is Naturopathy?


Naturopathy is a form of natural medicine that considers all parts of the body. It considers how the systems work together to achieve overall health and wellbeing. This system of healthcare prioritizes the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies to treat illness, and promote wellness by viewing the body as an integrated whole.

Naturopathy incorporates a dynamic philosophy and recognizes the interconnection and interdependence of all living things. The reason why many individuals love Naturopathy is because it not only treats the symptoms, but also focuses on addressing the cause, severity, duration and re-occurrence of the condition

Many of us have most likely visited a traditional doctor and have experienced the limited amount of time that the GP has to spend with you. Generally there will be a diagnosis, and the practitioner may prescribe pharmaceuticals accordingly. This differs to Naturopathy, where the practitioner will usually spent 60-90 minutes in an initial consultation discussing your health and wellbeing and look at the underlying causes of health concerns.

“Naturopaths treat patients as individuals by addressing the physical, environmental, lifestyle, attitudinal, and emotional aspects of health”


Naturopathic medicine is defined by principles rather than by treatment options.

There are 6 core principles of Naturopathy:

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Naturopathic practitioners choose the most non-invasive and least toxic treatments necessary for each patient.⁠

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Naturopathic practitioners recognize the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.⁠

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Naturopathic practitioners identify and address the underlying causes of disease.⁠

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Educating and supporting patients on personal health management is an important role for naturopathic practitioners. They empower patients to take responsibility for their own health. They also acknowledge the therapeutic value inherent in the doctor-patient relationship.⁠

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This is a holistic concept that recognizes the body as an integrated whole. Naturopathic practitioners treat the patient, not the disease. A naturopathic assessment addresses the nutritional status, lifestyle, family history, physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors in a person’s life.⁠

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Naturopathic practitioners promote a focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention.⁠


A typical session with a Naturopath is likely to involve:


  • chatting about your overall health and wellbeing, usually starting with addressing any presenting concerns
  • the naturopath will ask you questions about your lifestyle habits, diet, sleep patterns, medical history and any medication you are currently taking
  • the session may involve physical examination if necessary, for example looking at your eyes or tongue
  • you will discuss what you hope to achieve/your health goals
  • your naturopath will then offer suggestions about lifestyle and diet changes you can make to address health complaints, and will usually involve a prescription of herbal or other medicines
  • you will be given an explanation about why the recommendations or prescriptions have been made and what results you can hope to see from them
  • the session should be a safe space in which you can feel comfortable to discuss your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • often the naturopth can provide you with emotional support, similar to a counsellor 

Naturopaths are a great alternative or addition to seeing a GP. Herbal or dietary medicines that the patient receives are very gentle, supporting your body systems to heal themselves naturally.


Why see a naturopath?

“My Naturopath has created a calming, comfortable space to voice my health concerns and feel that I am being heard. The holistic approach reassures me that I am getting the best possible treatment, and that the advice and prescriptions made have been carefully selected based on my individual needs. I’ve been able to build a relationship with my practitioner in which I feel fully supported. I feel much safer taking natural medicine. I have noticed significant improvements in my health, particularly in hormonal health (management of PCOS) and skin. Couldn’t recommend the practice enough!”


Consultations with our Naturopath Candace Borg  are individualised to determine the underlying cause of ill health through a comprehensive analysis of the patient.

Candace’s passion is to support and guide individuals to have the best possible health outcomes through natural approaches and the body’s ability to heal itself when adequately supported.

To read more about Candace or to make an appointment head to 


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