Dopamine – The Under Recognised Neurotransmitter

By Candace Borg | November 13, 2022
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We hear a lot about serotonin and its roles in mood, digestion and pain perceptions and often the first line medical treatment for low mood and depression is supporting serotonin production. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter with many important roles in […]


Support for Erectile Dysfunction

By Candace Borg | October 23, 2022
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Men’s health is an important area of healthcare that naturopathy has a great role in supporting. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition affecting approximately 40% of men in Australia. There are a variety of potential causes that may be […]

Mediterranean diet vegan

The Mediterranean Diet Veganised

By Candace Borg | October 9, 2022
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The Mediterranean Diet has a vast array of research supporting it, is easy to follow and is a balanced, whole-food focused diet supportive of improving health. Plant- based eating has beneficial effects on health including reducing the risks of chronic […]


Optimising Male Fertility

By Candace Borg | October 2, 2022
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Preconception care is important for both partners in a relationship. The male factor contributes to around 50% in couples who struggle to conceive, highlighting the importance of ensuring optimal health in both partners. Below are some key nutrients that play […]


Enhancing Cognition with Nootropics

By Candace Borg | September 18, 2022
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What exactly is a nootropic and how do they work? Nootropics are cognitive enhancers. They are substances that improve concentration, attention, energy, alertness and memory via multiple mechanisms. This overall improves brain function and assists in improving mental stamina and […]


NAC and Mental Health

By Candace Borg | September 4, 2022
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Please note the below post speaks about themes regarding self-harm and suicide which may be triggering to some. If this article brings up anything please call life line on 13 11 14 as well as speaking to someone in your […]


Dietary Support for Women during Perimenopause and Menopause  

By Candace Borg | August 21, 2022
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Are you experiencing menopausal symptoms? Are you finding it difficult to manage this life stage? Continue reading for some support regarding foods to increase in your diet to support your health. This post will cover the benefits, food sources and […]


Mouth and heart health – is there a link?

By Candace Borg | August 14, 2022
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Did you know that poor oral hygiene is associated with increased risks of mortality from cardiovascular disease? The health of your mouth is integral to the overall health of your body, with things like periodontal disease, tooth loss, dry mouth […]


Supporting Vaginal Health

By Candace Borg | August 7, 2022
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Supporting the health of your vagina is so important and there are so many different ways you can do this. Read on to see how to support your vagina sexually, emotionally, with your diet and which products to choose. Sexually […]

love your liver blog post

Love your Liver

By Candace Borg | July 17, 2022
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Have you ever wondered what exactly your liver does and how it supports your health? Read on to find out all about the functions of the liver, foods to support your liver, lifestyle advice and the intricate nutrients and processes […]

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