DIY Self Care Beauty

Taking care of ourselves and having self care is such a priority in today’s ever engaged environment. Tending to ourselves in a nurturing way is the equivalent of telling ourselves “I see you, I love you, you are worthy and you deserve to be taken care of, let’s reset together”   Self-care can look like …

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Resilience after COVID

Resilience……… It is not always possible to prevent stressful situations or avoid adverse events. And COVID-19 has definitely shown us that this can be true. This pandemic has put new and unforeseen pressures on all of us. Whether it’s trying to work from home with limited resources, trying to home school kids that just want …

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Ayurvedic Bliss Balls

As the festival season approaches at lightening speed, it is a smart idea to have some quick and simple recipes on hand for those days of entertaining and socialising. Thanks to our friends at Metagenics we have recipe for some easy-to-make bliss balls that are nutritious and perfect for those holiday catch ups. These balls …

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Is it time to Detox?

Detox. Most people have heard of the term. Maybe on TV, in magazines, or from your friends…..Maybe you have even detoxed yourself? But why has it become so popular and why should we detox? What is Detoxification? Detoxification is a process that your body undertakes every day. It is consistently eliminating stored toxins from food, …

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