Resilience after COVID


It is not always possible to prevent stressful situations or avoid adverse events. And COVID-19 has definitely shown us that this can be true. This pandemic has put new and unforeseen pressures on all of us.

Whether it’s trying to work from home with limited resources, trying to home school kids that just want to play, dealing with the loss or decrease in income, or simply the change in how we interact and operate. This new normal has been taxing our inner resources.

Resilience: is the ability to mentally and emotionally cope with a crisis, tough times in life and the unexpected changes and challenges and being able to bounce back quickly to be happy and healthy again.

It requires adaptability and perseverance as well as inner strength and outer resources. When life is challenging, resilience helps us stay safe, well and effective.

We asked 3 of our practitioners…

“What are some of the habits, routines, rituals or daily practices that have helped you build resilience during this time of isolation that you would like to take with you when life begins to normalise?”

Here’s what they had to say!

Candace Borg

Naturopath, Natural Fertility Educator, HypnoBirthing Practioner, Owner of Northcote Natural Therapies

COVID has been a challenging time for me as a business owner and as a sister of siblings living in both New York and London. I have (like many), experienced a lot of ups and downs, both emotionally, financially and physically. I have never worked as hard or for as many hours as I have in the last 6 weeks.

However, here are some things that have gotten me through that I will continue moving forward:

  • Focusing on my health… in particular…staying hydrated. With both purified water and focusing on herbal tea blends that help with stress and/or concentration. What I have learned is to listen to my body. Going to bed earlier.
  • Walking my beautiful foster fail Tilly on the beach longer.
  • Expressing my emotions when they come up. Anger, frustration, uncertainties, despair, sadness, fear and many tears, as well as happiness, and celebrating the many successes.
  • Asking for help when I have needed it –  both emotionally, (thanks to Rachel our Arts Therapist) and physically, (thanks to my beautiful staff). I have loved the community spirit. I am now apart of a Whatsapp business group with the local traders on High Street Northcote. We have shared successes, strategies, information, tears, and frustrations together. We have been the most loving support to each other which I will be forever grateful for.

I wasn’t concerned about my immunity or feared becoming unwell. I took (and continue to take) supplements that support my immunity, mood, and assist with energy and concentration. Keeping me focused, healthy, stable. What I did learn about myself though is I am more determined, strong and nurturing than I ever gave myself credit for. Thank you COVID-19 for teaching me that lesson x

Erica BlanchErica Blanch

Massage Therapist

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ has been my mantra since COVID-19. And this will stick with me as life moves into yet another phase of ‘normality’

I have been soaking up the present moment and enjoying the small joys in life. As a result I have stripped my routine right back to basics and have included self-care rituals that ground me back into my body, as one of my daily main priorities.

I have been conscious of taking my time – in whatever it is I do. Whether that be washing my hair, a simple facial or yoga routine…

I have enjoyed sitting with my breath or writing in my journal…Cooking a healthy meal, walking to the supermarket at sunset or dipping my feet in a pot of Epsom Salts.

Slow and steady and finding creativity in stillness.


Sarah Balis

Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist Sarah Balis BCST/PACT

I live a stone’s throw from Darebin creek and have always enjoyed cycling along it, but during lockdown it has new significance. I’ve been visiting the area almost daily with my partner and children who are 3 and 5 and we have taken the opportunity to explore it for the first time as a destination instead of a means of getting from A to B.

This practice has really opened my eyes to being where I am, and taking in what is around me. It’s helped me to see the world with child-like wonder, and be aware of what was right under my nose for years that I’ve never appreciated before. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to share this experience with my kids and share their wonder and joy at what we find on our daily walks and rides.

I may have fewer opportunities to go to those particular spots once lockdown is over, so I want to take the energy of the experiences with me. To be where I am. To look around.

What can I notice?

What’s different today?

What haven’t I seen before?

I’ve taken a deep dive into noticing my own habitual patterns of fear and anxiety, and am unpacking them layer by layer. This will be life’s work, but I am grateful for the opportunity to tap into the collective and feel the fear that is running not only through me, but through those I know and many millions on the planet. There is a lot of learning that becomes possible by noticing the mind. Bring aware of  “I am thinking this or that” and letting it go.

Some phrases that I’ve heard during lockdown that will stay with me:

“Don’t believe everything you think” – realise that my mind is a tool for me to use, and it does not control me

“Energy flows where attention goes” – whatever I give my attention to will grow. I can choose not to give my attention to things that don’t serve me.




If you have concerns about your mental health, stress or anxiety levels, please seek the assistance of a qualified health professional who is a part of your personal care team.  Alternatively our team of qualified practitioners are ready to provide you with any help and support you may need. Click on the Our Team or the Contact located at the top of this page to get assistance.

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