Emily Rees

Vedic Meditation Teacher & Ayurveda Practitioner


Emily Rees is a Vedic meditation teacher and Ayurveda practitioner in training (graduating November 2023) based in Narrm, and sharing the healing, expansive power of Vedic meditation and Ayurveda for modern lives.

Emily is devoted to uncomplicating meditation and conscious living, empowering people with tools, knowledge and support to make it a daily, sustainable practice, while never losing sight of the deep and profound tradition from which Vedic meditation and Ayurveda originated.

She’s currently immersed in a diploma of Ayurveda, the ancient mind-body healing science, with intentions to expand her offering to include health consultations, treatments and workshops that share a holistic means for people to return to their innate state of health, vibrance and purpose.

In her spare time, you’ll probably find Emily in the kitchen experimenting with Ayurvedic recipes, out walking in nature, cuddling her fur baby Miso, studying and enjoying life in the slow lane.

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